Lightroom Editing Course

Duration: 2 Weeks – 5,000

Photoshop Editing Course

Duration: 1 month – 15,000

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Course

This is a Professional Adobe Photoshop Lightroom training that is anticipated to make you at ease to use the software fully in editing your project. This course makes it possible for you to understand the program fully. You will go though adobe Photoshop Lightroom menu, tools and interfaces. This will make been able to know how to import photos comfortably, create catalogue, select the best photos, lay foundation to them fine tune them, create effects rate then add watermark if necessary , and the export them into well labeled numbers and folder then deliver them to your clients.

Adobe Photoshop Course

This is a Professional Adobe Photoshop training that is intended to make you understand the program interface Menu, Workspace, Tool and many more. This course is aimed at making you comfortable with photo editing in photoshop by understanding basic use of it in editing photos. You will learn how to open photos in name them, resize your photos, Batch process them, edit them, make copies, create effects change background, manipulate photos, airbrush them in classic way and add graphics and calligraphy. You will also learn how to save your photos in different ways and how to deliver them to the client.

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